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Cecilia Cirimelli
SOLD:  $3,172,000

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Anna Gomez
SOLD:  $399,500

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How SoldBot provides you with a free, full service MLS listing.

Is receiving one, single email worth free MLS access to help you sell your home? You bet it is! SoldBot has created the ultimate home selling solution for consumers by having advertisers pay for your MLS listing instead of you being forced to pay a large real estate agent commission or any other fees. How it works is that we send our users a single email with a list of great deals on products and services often needed when selling or buying a home such as: 

  • Home security services
  • Homeowners and auto insurance
  • Mortgage rates from lenders
  • New kitchen appliances
  • Hotel package deals   
  • Moving services
  • Credit union memberships
  • Cable or satellite services
  • Home Improvement services

These products and services are 100% optional and you are under no obligation to call these advertisers or purchase anything. We do not provide these advertisers with your email or phone number. This means you will not receive a single phone call or email from these advertisers. We want to make this absolutely clear.... not a single phone call or email. Your MLS listing does not collect any sensitive personal information from you such as your social security number and the property information that we do collect is already public information on sites like and Zillow. If you find a great discount on something you want, simply call the company at the number we provide you and give them your discount code to obtain your savings. That's it. So why spend money to have your home listed in your local MLS when you can now get it for free using SoldBot.

SoldBot vs Other MLS Listing Services

            Company                    Your Cost     Paperwork Completed For You For Free         Cancel Anytime / No Penalty
SoldBot $0 Yes Yes
R.E. Agent    5% - 6%  No No
Redfin  1% - 1.5%  No No
ForSaleBy $499  No No
Opendoor 6% - 16%  No No
HomeBay $2,000 No No
Savvy Lane 1% No No

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