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It took Silicon Valley to create the first zero commission, zero listing fee brokerage.


"Trust me. Try SoldBot first to sell your home. What a great experience!"

Cecilia Cirimelli
SOLD Using SOLDBOT: $3,172,000

Why Everyone Is Using SoldBot To Sell Their Homes

1.  We earn money from escrow, mortgage and home improvement.  Your listing service is free.

2. If the homebuyer is not using an agent you'll pay 0% total commission. No agents = free.

3. Accept an offer from a buyer using an agentyou pay that agent 2.5%. We're free.

4.  Your property is listed for sale in the MLS,, and Zillow for free.

5. Your purchase contract and all counter offers are completed for free.

6. We manage the entire home sale for you and the buyer for free.

7. Make as many changes to your listing as desired for free.

8. Cancel your listing anytime with no penalty for free.

9. No catches.  No asterisks.  Just easy and free.

10. The very best customer service for free.

"SoldBot Rocks!"

Denise Anderson
SOLD Using SOLDBOT: $465,000

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"I would use SoldBot again in a heartbeat."

Anna Gomez
SOLD Using SOLDBOT: $399,500


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