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  What We Do

We list your home (or 2-4 unit property) for sale 100% for free in the MLS. There are no catches, no hidden fees and you can cancel your listing whenever you want with no penalty.

  How It's Free

Have you ever heard of TurboTax? If not, TurboTax is a free, online software program that allows you to do-it-yourself to prepare your taxes. SoldBot is also a free, online, do-it-yourself software program but instead of completing your taxes, you complete a MLS Listing for your home for sale. So, with no human real estate agent demanding to be paid a listing commission or flat fee from you, your MLS Listing is now free. We know... pretty cool. 


  How We Make Money

Did you know that consumers spend over $500 billion dollars each year on home improvement services and a large portion of that spending comes from homebuyers. As both a general contractor and your free listing broker, we learn what items in your home need to be repaired or could use an upgrade. We then provide electrical, plumbing, painting, roofing, new appliance sales, new furniture sales, landscaping, flooring, new cabinets, IOT devices, security systems, home improvement loans and even entire room additions to the eventual buyer of your home. Our services are 100% optional for the buyer and we don't contact the buyer about our services until after your home sale is closed.

   Buyer Not Using Agent

If the buyer of your home is not using an agent, we'll write up the purchase contract for that buyer at no charge so that you, the home seller, pay zero total commission when your home is sold.

   Get Started

Just click the "Get Started" button, follow the instructions and your listing will be in the MLS,, Zillow and thousands of other homebuyer sites at no cost in 24 - 48 hours. You don't even have to talk to anyone. We know... awesome. 

   Everything You Need

SoldBot's team of in-house real estate brokers and attorneys communicate all offers to you from buyers, review and explain the purchase contract to you, complete all counter offers for you, make sure you have all the correct disclosure forms and supervise your closing so that all local, state and federal regulations have been met. All of these tasks are also completed for you at no charge

  100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don't love SoldBot, you can cancel your MLS Listing at anytime, for any reason, without penalty. No strings attached

  The Video

  Seller Performance Using SoldBot

49 %
$ 10529
51 %

  SoldBot Comparison

                  Company                                    MLS Listing Fee                    Buyer Found Not Using Agent             Cancel Anytime / No Penalty
SoldBot  $0 / 0% No Buyer Agent Commission Yes
R.E. Agent                          5% - 6%  3% charged to Seller No
Redfin                1%               3% charged to Seller No
ForSaleBy     $499     3% charged to Seller No
Opendoor  6% - 16%  Built into Cost No
HomeBay $2,000 3% charged to Seller No
Savvy Lane 1% 3% charged to Seller No
Faira 1% 3% charged to Seller No


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