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A free MLS listing? How?

Do you like TurboTax? Ever use Legalzoom? How about for free stock trading? Well now you have the same do-it-yourself technology at your fingertips to obtain a 100% free, full service, MLS listing for your home for sale using SoldBot. Just think of all your poor neighbors who paid 5%-6% commission or other fees when they could have used SoldBot for free! 

SoldBot uses advanced AI and other automated technologies which allows us to list thousands of homes simultaneously throughout the country and we figured out how to make lots of money by offering home improvement services to the homebuyer after they purchase your home. What most people don’t know is that the home improvement industry is a $500 billion dollar market which includes landscaping, new appliances, roofing, flooring, painting, electrical, plumbing, room additions, Internet enabled products, security systems and even new furniture and design services. 

We also earn money from homeowners insurance sold to the homebuyer after the sale and escrow services provided to the seller and buyer in CA only. Our technology and superior business model makes SoldBot the #1 home sale service in the U.S. Give us a try and you'll see why everyone loves SoldBot. 

Home Seller Performance Using SoldBot

58 %
$ 12635
59 %

SoldBot vs Other MLS Listing Services

            Company                    Your Cost     Paperwork Completed For You For Free         Cancel Anytime / No Penalty
SoldBot $0 Yes Yes
R.E. Agent    5% - 6%  No No
Redfin  1% - 1.5%  No No
ForSaleBy $499  No No
Opendoor 6% - 16%  No No
HomeBay $2,000 No No
Savvy Lane 1% No No

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