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The first, free, full-service real estate brokerage for home sellers.


  How We Do It For Free

Our team has an extensive background in the $500 billion home improvement industry. We earn revenue by selling home improvement services to the buyer of your home AFTER your sale has been completed instead of charing you, the home seller, any commission or fees. Our improvement services are optional for the homebuyer and include painting, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, IOT devices, security systems, flooring, roofing, appliances, countertops, home furnishings, home improvement loans and even entire room additions. On some home sales we make $0. On others we make $100,000 or more. This wide variance in revenue earned per sale is just how our business model works. As a home seller, all that really matters is that you're obtaining a highly experienced, professionally licensed and insured real estate brokerage to sell your home for free. 

By replacing listing commissions and fees charged to the home seller with home improvement services sold to the buyer, SoldBot is the first, 100% FREE, no-catch, full-service, MLS listing real estate brokerage in the country. Full-service means we provide you with the same services that any other real estate brokerage in your neighborhood offers but we're 100% free to use and they're not. SoldBot also doesn't represent homebuyers. If the buyer for your home is not using an agent, you the home seller will pay zero total commission on the sale of your home. With SoldBot, there's really no reason anymore to sell your home as a FSBO or hire a real estate agent. We are so confident in our amazing service that if you don't love using SoldBot you can cancel your listing with us at anytime, for any reason, without penalty. We know...amazing.

  How SoldBot Works

  Seller Performance Using SoldBot

49 %
$ 10529
51 %

  SoldBot VS Other Services

            Company                    Your Cost     Paperwork Completed For Free          Cancel Anytime / No Penalty
SoldBot $0 Yes Yes
R.E. Agent    5% - 6%  No No
Redfin  1% - 1.5%  No No
ForSaleBy Owner.com $499  No No
Opendoor 6% - 16%  No No
HomeBay $2,000 No No
Savvy Lane 1% No No
Faira 1% No No


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