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"The SoldBot team was wonderful. We will certainly use your team again."

SOLD: $3,172,000

Cecilia A. Cirimelli

"Thank you Soldbot for all your help on the successful sale of our condo. I will recommend Soldbot to anyone who asks! Please forward this email to anyone if it helps."

SOLD: $276,000

Elizabeth Kealthley

"My soldbot experience was amazing! They were in constant contact with me and helping me navigate the process along the way. Selling your house any other way at this point seems foolish."

SOLD: $235,000

Mike Lundy

" I had the best possible experience selling my home with Soldbot! Through Soldbot, I found a buyer quickly and the buyer was not using an agent so I paid no real estate agent commissions! There were no hidden fees or extra charges! Soldbot has saved me a lot of money and I definitely recommend them to anyone who is selling their house!"

SOLD: $475,000

Kirill Chigrin

" I don't know why anyone would use a conventional Realtor to sell their house now that SoldBot sells your home for free. Soldbot handled all the negotiations with the buying Realtor, all the paperwork, even with getting me paid with the closing company. I will be using them again when I sell my next house."

SOLD: $203,500

Tom Mettner

"I've sold two homes using SoldBot. An amazing experience. Expert advice, professional service, and no commission. I will gladly refer you to my friends. Thank you!"

SOLD: $820,000 | SOLD $549,000

Mandeep Singh

"Soldbot was a great way to sell a house and not have to pay the enormous realtor fees. Great experience."

SOLD: $240,000

Charles Shapley

"I wanted to send a note thanking you for your help with the sale of our house. As I think you know, the sale closed yesterday, and all the funds have hit the respective accounts today. I was a bit skeptical (in case you couldn't tell), but you guys delivered exactly what you promised. Actually, my home sold for $25,000 above my asking price. So you exceeded my expectations."

SOLD: $1,050,000

David Fink

"Using SoldBot saved us $7,000 on real estate commissions. Things went smoothly and we were very happy with the entire process."

SOLD: $215,000

Chris Riley

"I was totally satisfied with Soldbot. Everything from the initial listing to the closing went very smooth and it is just as advertised, no fee. When I tell my friends about it they say it can't be true, but it is."

SOLD: $190,000

Stephen Steen

"Working with SoldBot has been a great experience. We have been referring family and friends since we discovered the service. As a matter of fact, we just listed another home with them! "

SOLD: $515,000

Michael Stojanov

"Just wanted to say thanks for all of your help. We sold our condo to the third person who looked at it. Actually we had two offers in less than a week after listing with Soldbot. I will definitely use Soldbot again and I have already recommended your company to many friends and family. Thank you!!!!"

SOLD: $217,000

Terry Sheehan

"We sold our home of 20 years in 2 days! We were skeptical but the entire process was seamless. Our SoldBot broker was great and all questions were handled promptly and clearly and our closing went incredibly well. I highly recommend the SoldBot team! They are the only way to go."

SOLD: $379,000

Greg Pecor

"Guys it sounded too good to be true in the beginning but my sale is now done. Thank you guys for all of your patience and help. I have referred a couple of people your way down here in Florida. Thank you."

SOLD: $465,000

Joe Svetics

"We were very happy to work with in selling our home. Things worked exactly as they said they would. They were very responsive to our email questions and provided us with accurate information. Soldbot presented us with information on the four offers received, making it very easy to decide on the best one. We couldn't be happier with their service."

SOLD: $250,000

Bruce Kuhns

"Yay... just sold our second house through Soldbot. You guys have saved us over $42,000, amazing! When you use Soldbot, everything is exactly as they state it will be. There is no agency fee to list your house and they respond quickly when there is an offer. I do not understand why anyone would use a realtor now. Some listing agents in my neighborhood said I wouldn't be able to sell my homes using Soldbot. They were totally wrong. Soldbot is a wonderful resource. Two big thumbs up."

SOLD: $910,000 | SOLD: $680,000

Wanda Ferranti-West

"SoldBot is like clockwork. Everything happens perfectly without a lot of small talk."

SOLD: $488,000

Timothy Dhyvetter

"I just signed my closing documents today. SoldBot has been an easy & straight forward process. I really appreciate all the help you have provided. I will definitely recommend your service to others."

SOLD: $390,000

Kenny Lee

"I was skeptical about using a service I'd never heard of, but ended up being very happy. Sold our home in six weeks and paid zero listing commission. Soldbot was supportive and responsive throughout the process - I'd be happy to use them again."

SOLD: $712,000

Michael Dienhart

"I'm thrilled. Just thrilled using SoldBot. My home sold for $9,000 above my list price."

SOLD: $505,000

Denise Anderson

"I sold my home for $10,000 above list price. This is genuinely a no risk way to sell your home, no fees, no long term commitment."

SOLD: $725,000

Stephen Chan

"When we were contacted by seemed too good to be true....MLS listing with no charge, no commission? But it is true. We tried to sell by owner...but the relentless calls of Realtors who wanted my listing, but not willing to show my home, although I was willing to give them a 3% commission if they brought me a buyer, drove us crazy! Soldbot quickly listed our home on the MLS, no charge. They received incoming calls and set up appointments for showings, did all the contract work and we closed."

SOLD: $1,324,000

Cynthia Montjoy

"Really enjoyed working with SoldBot. What a great experience! They are very timely with their responses to your questions but it's all by email. No phone support. Very on top of everything though. Highly recommend SoldBot."

SOLD: $460,000

Tore Finnemyhr

"As a real estate agent for 30 years, I can say that SoldBot is smack on the road to being the Google of real estate - buying, selling and improving it. Have any job openings for me?"

No Sale - Just a real estate agent spreading the love.

Jason Schwager

"I first listed my condo on another site and all I received was phone calls from agents wanting me to pay them to list it. In less than two weeks on SoldBot my condo sold for more than any other comparable condo in the building had ever sold for! My licensed SoldBot broker was with me every step of the way with the correct documents and closed the deal and I was never charged a penny for his services! You’d be throwing money away to list with anyone else."

SOLD: $775,000

Theresa Michel

"SoldBot rocks! I couldn't be happier with the experience I had. My home sold in one week and SoldBot did all the work and saved me $25,000 in realtor fees. They were super helpful with any questions and responded right away. I was so happy, I referred my mom and she sold her home in 3 days."

SOLD: $465,000

Pam Anderson

"Thank you for providing this amazing real estate brokerage and MLS listing service for home sellers (like me) who prefer to avoid expensive commission payouts. I am very impressed with your business model and will recommend SoldBot to friends soon!"

SOLD: $424,900

Debbie Henry

"Damn you guys are brilliant! Go team SoldBot"

SOLD: $333,000

Patrick B. McGee

"I'm one very happy customer. My realtor friend said "Be careful, everything that glitters isn't gold, SoldBot is from CA, they don't know our local market." Was she wrong. Using SoldBot I received an offer in two days after listing it with them and they explained each step along the way. If you like straight talk, you'll love dealing with them. My experience with SoldBot was definitely gold."

SOLD: $300,000

Denise Rowan

"When I first heard about SoldBot, I was skeptical. After going through the experience, I am a believer! The process worked exactly as advertised. We had a complete MLS listing, a licensed broker assigned to us that managed our entire sale and – best of all – we didn’t pay any commissions for that service. Take it from this reformed skeptic – give it a try, you’ll be very happy you did!"

SOLD: $2,050,000

Todd Stewart

"Using SoldBot was great. I really appreciate that SoldBot took so much time walking me through the process. I will certainly recommend SoldBot to everyone I know."

SOLD: $326,500

Jercoxia Curney

"I think SoldBot is amazing! Everything went very smooth and I loved how fast they replied back to all my questions."

SOLD: $575,000

Farhana Zaman

"Working with SoldBot was an excellent experience. I have been referring people to it since we discovered the service. Every success to you!"

SOLD: $343,000

Brad Davis

"They actually list your house for free. Don't use anyone else to list your home for sale."

SOLD: $1,015,000

Mary Ellen Wengler

"Found a buyer using SoldBot who was not using an agent and saved $75,000 in commissions. I also sold my home for above the list price."

SOLD: $1,250,000

Greg Mandell

"I would use SoldBot again in a heartbeat! Their customer support is wonderful and professional and you're never lost in the process."

SOLD: $397,000

Anna Gomes

"All the agents we talked to said we would never get the price we wanted. SoldBot sure proved them wrong. We set the list price we wanted and got it! Even my neighbor who is an agent said we wouldn't get the price we set on SoldBot. Thank you SoldBot for helping us get $60,000 more than what all the agents in our area said we could get. "

SOLD: $487,000

Chris & Jessica Kraus

"I love It was very easy to work with and save me a lot of money. Definitely would use SoldBot in the future. Thank you."

SOLD: $2,482,000

Igor Matsipura

" Thank you, I had a very wonderful experience using Soldbot. Everything went smoothly and was planned very good."

SOLD: $195,000

Lourdes Mejia

"Using soldbot was refreshingly easy and hassle-free. They were very responsive and knowledgeable. I am very pleased with my experience."

SOLD: $824,900

S. Daniels

"When I first placed my house for sale as a FSBO with yard signs and a listing on Zillow, I was hopeful for a quick sale but I did not receive any serious offers. Just a lot of agents wanting my listing. When I came across SoldBot with no charge for an MLS listing, I was intrigued, but also very skeptical. After all, I am an engineer and when something looks to good to be true, it usually is. The fact that I could cancel my listing at any time convinced me though. What did I have to lose? My listing went active Monday morning and I immediately got two interested buyers. By 2 that afternoon I had an above the asking price offer! Exactly 15 days later my sale closed and I did everything via email with SoldBot. Needless to say my wife and I are extremely happy. We will definitely be using Soldbot again in the future."

SOLD: $290,000

Steve Mesibov

"SoldBot is fabulous! A truly fantastic experience. I sold my home in one week and found a buyer not using an agent.
I didn't pay a penny to sell my home. Amazing!"

SOLD: $415,000

Daniel Blanton

"Thank you very much SoldBot. I really appreciated your help, collaboration, professionalism and prompt replies throughout the transaction. I will definitely do business with you guys in the future and recommend you with everyone that I know."
SOLD: $196,000

Marco Spilimbergo

"Great service. Worked out perfectly."
SOLD: $295,000

John Goodger

"SoldBot worked very well for us."

SOLD: $500,000

Ingrid Rogers

"SoldBot is an excellent service."

SOLD: $785,000

Wan Zhu

"Got a friend who is getting ready to list his house in Port St John. We have recommended u guys and he will probably list with u."

SOLD: $164,000

Juergen Schultze

"Hi, l love your service, I have another house for you to help me to sell."

SOLD: $380,000

Dan Cesalek

"Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Will use you guys again. I really appreciated your patience with all my questions."

SOLD: $289,400

Mona Somers

"We would highly recommend you guys to anyone. Why pay a commission or any fee for that matter when SoldBot is free?"

SOLD: $1,887,000

Brad Jones

"SoldBot was there from the very beginning of the listing of our property & guiding us through every step of the way. I can't say enough about what a positive experience the whole transaction was and saving over $9,000 in real estate agent fees. I highly recommend SoldBot. I will look forward to contacting you for my next property & have already given referrals to my friends that are currently selling. Thank you so much."

SOLD: $305,000

Melissa Mount Lenz

"Really appreciated all of your help and advice. It was great to use SoldBot to sell my home. The process was seamless. No problems."

SOLD: $355,000

Gerald Grow

"I can't say enough about SoldBot. The whole process was painless and your team was very responsive walking me through step by step."

SOLD: $649,000

Carla Uphaus

"A neighbor ended up buying my home. Using SoldBot, I paid zero commission."

SOLD: $546,000

Meimei Leung

"So simple to use. Great customer service. A completely hassle free way to sell a home and pay no commission."

SOLD: $279,000

Amanda Smith

"It's hard not to be cynical but SoldBot did everything they said they would do."

SOLD: $1,420,000

Amy Paniagua

"SoldBot is amazingness."

SOLD: $394,000

Anna Samuylik

"All around a wonderful and easy experience."

SOLD: $268,000

Josephine Sorvillo

"Without a doubt, SoldBot has proven to be an efficient, streamlined, and extremely cost-effective way of selling a property and I highly recommend."

SOLD: $1,200,000

Faith Ann Paulus

"SoldBot is awesome! Great service. Thanks for helping me sell my home."

SOLD: $268,000

Brian McGlone

"SoldBot has been more than satisfactory and here are the reasons: Easy to work with, Great customer support,and cuts my commission cost."

SOLD: $1,090,000

Ann Cheng