Sorry, SoldBot does not sell vacant land or mobile homes. You can send us emails asking if we can do it for you but the answer will be no. Again, we apologize for not offering our service for these categories.

SoldBot earns money from nationwide home improvement services sold to homebuyers. What most people don't know is home improvement is a $500 billion dollar a year industry while real estate commissions are far less at $88 billion. SoldBot makes enough money from these services to replace the need to charge you a commission, flat fee or upfront credit card fee for your MLS Listing. Here are a few of the home improvement services we provide to the homebuyer: Entire Room Additions, New Appliances, New Roof, New Flooring, Landscaping, Painting, Electrical, Plumbing, Security Systems, New Countertops, Home Furnishings, Home Design Services, Bathroom Fixtures, Kitchen Cabinets and more.