How SoldBot Works Video

    What Is SoldBot? 

We're a Silicon Valley technology company that has created the first, free to use, nationwide, MLS listing service to sell your home. 

    How It Works.

Our technology allows you to list your home for sale in the MLS while relaxing at home or even at work. It's so easy to do.  

    Our Mission.

To get your home or 1-4 unit rental property sold quicklyfor zero commission at the highest sales price.

    Please don't tell us "Free sounds to good to be true."

Ask yourself this question: Is Google free to use? Is Facebook free to use? Is Twitter free to use? Well SoldBot is free to use too.

    Then how does SoldBot earn any money?

SoldBot earns plenty of money from providing escrow services and other optional services related to the purchase of a home. 

    Unlimited Customer Service.

One of our in-house real estate brokers will manage your entire home sale for you via phone, text and email.

    Pay Zero Total Commission To Sell Your Home.

You pay zero total commission if the buyer is not using an agent. We earn no listing or buyer agent commission from your home sale. 

    Showing your home to buyers.

If you don't have time to show your home to a buyer, we can arrange to have a third-party agent show your home for you.

    Cancel whenever you want.

If you want to stop using SoldBot, shoot us an email and we'll cancel your listing in 24-hours. No questions asked. No cancellation fee.

    What is the MLS again?

The MLS is responsible for 96% of home sales in the U.S. because it broadcasts your home's info to thousands of web sites worldwide.

    Super Fast.

Have your property for sale placed in front of millions of homebuyers within 24-hours right from the comfort of your home or office.


We have many happy clients who have agreed to be references for SoldBot. Let us know if you would like to speak to one.