There is no catch. SoldBot is the first, free, full-service real estate brokerage in the country. It just took a little Silicon Valley ingenuity to make it happen.

SoldBot earns money from nationwide home improvement services sold to the buyer of your home after the sale is completed. What most people don't know is Home Improvement is a $500 billion dollar a year industry while real estate commissions are far less at $88 billion. SoldBot makes enough money from these services to replace the need to charge you a commission, flat fee or upfront credit card fee for your MLS Listing. Here are a few of the home improvement services we provide to the homebuyer: Room Additions, New Appliances, New Roof, New Flooring, Landscaping, Painting, Electrical, Plumbing, Security Systems, New Countertops, Home Furnishings, Home Design Services, Bathroom Fixtures, Kitchen Cabinets and more.

No. Homebuyers interested in your home are not obligated to purchase anything from SoldBot. In fact, homebuyers are not made aware of our home improvement services or homeowners insurance products until AFTER the sale of your home is completed.

When you use SoldBot it doesn't matter where the buyer originated. If the buyer is not using an agent, you pay zero total commission. Your neighbor wants to buy your home? Great. You pay zero total commission. Your friend wants to buy your home? Great! You pay zero total commission. The buyer finds your home on Zillow or Realtor.com? Great! You pay zero total commission. SoldBot earns zero commission or referrals fees from your home sale transaction so we are on your side, not against you.

No. SoldBot will only help a homebuyer complete the purchase offer so that the seller can pay zero total commission. We don't collect any fees from the buyer to help them with the purchase offer. If the buyer knows how to fill out the purchase offer on their own, that's even better as it means less work for us.

The MLS syndicates your home's for sale information to Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia and thousands of other important homebuyer websites around the world. It takes about 2-3 days for your homes information to show up on these sites after entered in the MLS.

After you complete the three steps on your SoldBot Dashboard, your home will be listed in your local MLS within 24-48 hours depending on the MLS.

Yes. Your purchase contract, counter offers and all other required paperwork are professionally completed for you by a licensed real estate broker in your state.

Yes. From the moment your home is listed in the MLS until the sale closes, we manage and monitor your sale to make sure it's successful.

Yes. As a licensed real estate broker in your State, SoldBot is an expert in regulatory compliance. We make sure that your home sale meets all local, state and federal regulations.

Yes. We carry a $1,000,000 E&O Insurance policy that helps protect you during and after your sale.

No. SoldBot does not require a credit card. We highly recommend that you never give your credit card to any MLS listing service without reading their fine print very closely. Most of the time, they charge you a small flat fee upfront and then hit you up with lots of other charges that you'll discover you need later on. With SoldBot, your entire MLS listing is free. No catches.

Yes. You can cancel your listing with SoldBot at anytime, for any reason, without penalty up to the point you sign a purchase contract with a buyer in writing. After that point, we have legal regulations that require us to manage the completion of your sale.

Yes. Your local MLS requires the MLS listing agreement. It's not a SoldBot requirement. The MLS requires it because before a brokerage can place a home for sale in the MLS, they have to have the homeowners permission to do so. The MLS also requires a start date and end date on the listing agreement so we enter 90 days but regardless of this date, in your listing agreement, it clearly states you can cancel your listing at any time, for any reason, without penalty up to the point you accept a purchase offer from a buyer and sign the purchase contract in writing.

Like any real estate brokerage, offers and counter-offers from buyer agents come in directly to SoldBot and then are sent over to you for your review and feedback. If a homebuyer without an agent wants to submit an offer on your home, simply get their name and number and email it to us at info@soldbot.com. Make sure to place your address in the subject line. We will then contact the buyer ASAP and help them write up the purchase contract. If the buyer knows how to write up the purchase contract, great! Less work for us. If the buyer doesn't, we do it for them for free to expedite your home sale.

Agents representing buyers actually do a lot of work. They have to drive buyers around from house to house and answer tons of questions day or night. If an agent from another real estate company submits an offer on your home you can accept it, negotiate it or reject it. If you accept it by signing the purchase contract in writing with their buyer, then you will owe that agent the specified buyer's agent commission stated in your listing agreement. The buyer' agent commission usually fluctuates between 2.5% and 3% depending on what state you live in. SoldBot DOES NOT receive any type of referral fee from a buyer's agent.

You only owe a buyer's agent a commission if you accept an offer from an agent on behalf of their buyer by signing a purchase contract. If you don't sign a purchase contract, you don't owe a commission to anyone. Remember, always look at every offer and then you can make a logical decision on which one to accept.

Yes. You receive unlimited customer support via email. Have a question? Receive professional advice throughout your entire home sale at no cost.

Yes. Upload up to 35 photos for free and make as many changes to your list price or other listing data at no charge.

You can keep your MLS listing for one day, one week, one month or one year. It's actually 100% up to you. Use SoldBot for as little or as long as you wish for free.

SoldBot is a full-service real estate brokerage. All of the other "credit card" MLS listing services are charging you for bits and pieces of the real estate brokerage experience. With these other companies, if you want to place your home in the MLS, there's a fee. Want to change your listing information later on or add a new photo? There's a fee. Need advice from a licensed real estate professional? There's a fee. Need a professional to fill out all of your paperwork for you? There's a fee. With SoldBot, everything is done for you, like at any other real estate brokerage, and all of these services are free. We make money from home improvement services sold to the buyer of your home.

We are a hard working team of technologists, home improvement executives, programmers, real estate brokers and attorneys who have managed tens of thousands of home sale transactions nationwide for consumers, banks and investors.

A full-service, zero commission, zero fee MLS listing to sell your home or 1-4 unit rental property.