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Home Improvement Services

Most buyers usually want to make some improvement to your home after they buy it "to make it their own." We have seen homebuyers replace brand new carpeting with hardwood floors, repaint a newly painted room a different color and even replace brand new appliances with you guessed it.... different brand new appliances. We know it sounds a bit crazy but everyone just has their own style.

By being the listing broker for your home we have far greater insight over our competitors into the improvement needs, wants and desires of the buyer that eventually purchases your home. If you didn't know, home improvement is a $500 billion a year industry and includes painting, electrical, plumbing, new furniture sales, new appliance sales, countertops, roofing, flooring, landscaping, IOT devices, security systems, room additions and even homeowners insurance.

Please Note: We do not contact any buyers interested in your home about our improvement services until after your home sale is 100% completed. This means not a single email, text or phone call is sent to the buyer from SoldBot or any of our vendors until your sale is completed. Our goal is to successfully sell your home for the most money in the shortest amount of time. We have plenty of time after this goal has been met to then generate improvement revenue from the buyer. Finally, home improvement services sold to the buyer of your home are 100% optional. The buyer is not required to purchase anything from SoldBot.