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A Better Business Model = Free Brokerage Services

Our team's background in technology, nationwide home improvement services and SFR asset management has created a new business model that provides you, the home seller, with a 100% free, full-service brokerage experience. How do we do it? We sell home improvement services to the buyer of your home after the sale is completed instead of charging you a commission or fee. What most people don't know is that home improvement is a $500 billion a year industry.

Our home improvement services are 100% optional for the buyer and include: room additions, painting, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, roofing, new flooring and countertops as well as obtaining significant discounts on home furnishings, home security, IOT devices, new appliances and even home owners insurance. 

We are so confident that you will love using SoldBot to sell your home that we are the only real estate brokerage that allows you to cancel your listing at anytime, for any reason, with no penalty. We challenge you to find another home sale company that matches all of our free services combined with our superior performance.

We look forward to putting our knowledge to work for you.

The SoldBot Team

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Here are a few things to look out for when choosing a company to sell your home:

1) A credit card screen. Never give anyone your credit card. These companies are hoping that you don't notice their hidden fees popping up on your card after they've hooked you. Then it's you wasting your time on the phone trying to get their fees removed with your credit card company.

2) Fine print or asterisks anywhere on their website. If you see either of these beware of big hidden charges coming your way.

3) A Buyer's Fee. Some companies charge a buyer thousands of dollars in fees to simply make an offer on your home and if the buyer doesn't pay, then you have to pay the Buyer's Fee if you want to see the offer. We don't know what buyer in their right mind would pay a fee to see a home for sale but if they do, that Buyer's Fee is money that should have gone to the seller as part of the buyer's purchase offer. Instead it's being diverted into the pockets of the company. 

4) Gotcha fees for changing your listing data or for adding more photos. You will for sure make changes to your MLS listing so watch out for these charges because they add up fast.

5) Does the company complete all of your paperwork for you for free?  Do they answer all your questions for free?  Do they make sure that all local, state and federal laws are being met for your entire sale transaction for free? SoldBot does all this for free while most other companies charges you between 1% - 6% commission or thousands of dollars as a flat fee when your home is sold. 

6) If the company finds a buyer for you not using an agent, do they pass that buyer on to you so you pay zero total commission or do they collect all or a portion of the buyer's agent commission?  This is really important so ask!  SoldBot sends all buyers without agents directly to you so that you pay zero total commission if that buyer purchases your home.

7) Unless you have to sell your home next week, never use a company that buys your home and then sells it later on. No matter what these companies are telling you, they are making money from your home sale that should have gone into your pocket. If you want the highest ROI, you need to place your home on the open market and see which buyer will pay the most for it. There is no shortcut.