0% Listing Commission

We list your home in your local MLS, Realtor.com, Zillow, Redfin, Trulia and more at no cost.


Our highly experienced, in-house brokers and attorneys professionally sell your home for free. No commission. No fees. No strings attached.



All real estate brokerages must have a signed listing agreement from the home seller in order to place a home in the MLS. In your SoldBot listing agreement it states in writing that SoldBot’s listing commission is 0% and our fees are $0.

This listing agreement is your contract with SoldBot that legally binds us to not charge you a penny for our full service brokerage listing and you will print out the listing agreement for your records. The listing agreement is required by the MLS and your state's real estate laws and the purpose of the listing agreement is to protect you, the home seller.

SoldBot is so sure you will love our service, that you can cancel your listing agreement with us at anytime, for any reason, without penalty or catches. We are the only brokerage in the U.S. that offers this piece of mind for home sellers.

If after you read the listing agreement you still can't believe that our amazing service is 100% free, then please take our listing agreement to your attorney and have them review it for you. We are 100% certain that your attorney will confirm for you that our service is free with no catches. Ask yourself this question, if we at SoldBot were trying to trick home sellers in some way, would we be telling folks to take our documents to their attorneys for review? Of course not.

Everyone knows the old adage that nothing is for free, but in SoldBot's case, it does not apply. We guess that's why they are called "old" adages as new technology has made consumer services more efficient and less expensive. Actually, if you think about it, there are lots of companies that now offer free services like TurboTax, Facebook, Google, Charles Schwab stock trades, Spotify, Skype, Robindhood and many others.

So, if you want to have a highly experienced, licensed and insured real estate broker professionally sell your home for you for $0 listing commission and $0 fees, then use SoldBot. If you are still skeptical of SoldBot after reading all of this (and your attorney even confirmed we are amazing) then we would like to share another adage with you. "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink."

Thank you.

The SoldBot Team.


We provide property preservation, management and home improvement services to banks, home builders and corporate clients across the country as well as the eventual buyer of your home. Our services are 100% optional for the buyer and we don't contact the buyer until after your sale has closed.

Sit Back & Relax

We do all the marketing, paperwork and guide you safely through your home sale. We do all the work, you make all the decisions.

Your Responsibility

Enter your home's for sale information on this website and let buyers in to see your home. If you can do these two things, we'll do the rest.

Powerful Marketing

We place your home for sale in your local MLS, Realtor.com, Redfin, Zillow, Trulia and thousands of other websites in the U.S. and around the world at no charge. We know... awesome!

No Buyer's Agent

We always send homebuyers not using an agent directly to you so that you pay zero total commission when your home is sold.

Guaranteed Happiness

If you don't love using SoldBot, you can cancel your MLS listing with us at anytime, for any reason with no penalty. There are no catches.

Get Started

Click the "Get Started" button and follow the simple instructions. Thousands of home sellers can't be wrong.

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"I was skeptical at first but SoldBot is awesome!" - Denise

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"Five stars. The only way to sell your home." - Kenny

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"Sold our home in 2 days for asking price!" - Scott

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"I've sold two homes with SoldBot." - Mandeep

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"If we had a question, we'd get an answer."- Anna/Daniel

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"You guys nailed it. Fast and easy to use." - Gerald

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SoldBot is Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! - Mona

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"You sold our home for free. Wow!" - Mary Ellen

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"Great service. Works as advertised." - John

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  SoldBot Comparison

                  Company                                    MLS Listing Fee                    Buyer Found Not Using Agent             Cancel Anytime / No Penalty
SoldBot  $0 / 0% No Buyer Agent Commission Yes
R.E. Agent                          5% - 6%  3% charged to Seller No
Redfin                1%               3% charged to Seller No
ForSaleBy Owner.com     $499     3% charged to Seller No
Opendoor  6% - 16%  Built into Cost No
HomeBay $2,000 3% charged to Seller No
Savvy Lane 1% 3% charged to Seller No
Faira 1% 3% charged to Seller No


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